{March 9, 2008}   Are we becoming too reliant on technology with the upcoming Interactive TV? Education+Entertainment=Edutainment?


This is an article from the Today paper. It says that Singapore could be the first in the world to interact with a computer or television through programmes. The Media Development Authority announced on Thursday (March 6, 2008) that it was awarding its first niche Internet protocol television service to VeeV Interactive. Coming September, VeeV TV will feature Knowledge based programmes ranging from cooking shows and learning to play golf, to educational themes like learning maths and science.

The communication between the programmes it offers and the viewers will be interactive. Response to quizzes and comments on performances will be available. Viewers can play games, answer questions and expect feedback to be given. Education is given a whole new meaning. This programme will allow viewers to use technology with a touch of reality. Communicating with a machine and in the process gainig knowledge from it. Don’t you think the world is becoming too involved with the virtual world that it is beginnig to lose human touch? Everything is becoming to advanced and technology based. Soon we will be confiding our problems and discussing marital issues with our new counsellor-the programmed robot. Haha.. in my opinion, if this continues, the people in the next generation will be having problems communicating face-face with a human being! Isolation and lack of display of emotions will be some of the problems faced by youths in future. Interaction with a ‘box’ is afterall without any emotion.

Already with the advancement in technology and hectic lifestyles, studies are beginning to show a corelation between television programmes or video games with high influence on children’s behaviour. If we further encourage children to ‘park’ themselves in front of the television set, we are risking the negative impact it can have on the children’s development. Communication is the cause of influence on behaviour and thoughts. We can mould a person’s thoughts via communication. Written or oral, if communication is persuasive, it has the power to influence. As such, it is very important to carefully choose what type of communication we want to expose these children to. If they become accustommed to interacting with a ‘box’  , it would be detrimental to their ability to communicate with people and vocalise their thoughts and feelings through verbal and non-verbal cues.


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