{March 9, 2008}   pepsi advertisment

This video shows us the pepsi avertisement. Pepsi uses the tagline-ask for more. This advertisement shows us an indian boy who grew up in a place where they looked after elephants. He was seen holding the can of pepsi throughout the video although the village context does not go along very well with a modern day drink like pepsi. But it is this contrast that allows viewers to notice the intention of the video. It is also very amusing when the elephants show interest in the drink and try to reach it by standing on top of each other. The boy thinks that he was able top train them well but eventually realises that the elephants were not trained, the merely tried different ways to reach that can of pepsi. So it was indeed very amusing to learn that the tricks they performed were created by the elephants’ imagination itself and not taught to them.

The underlining message of course, is that pepsi is irresistable and everyone, including the animals, wants a share of it. As we watch the video, you would notice that the music played in the background is very light-hearted and happy. It creates a happy and relaxed mood and tells us that the video is about something that is for entertainment and not serious like an important news. The english used was simple and in short sentences. Therefore, it could be used in several countries where english might not be the first language. It complements the boy’s actions. In this clip, the verbal cues helped to emhasise and explain the non-verbal cues.

Finally, the boy realised that the hippo reacted in a more impressing manner than the elephants. While he was upset that the elephants which could stand on top of one another had left him, he was happy to find a hippo that could jump high up in the air. This comical ending also illustrates the tagline of pepsi which says to ask for more. Indeed he got alot more than he asked for when he drank pepsi the next time round. He got a flying hippo to show off with!

Companies use interesting concepts to appeal to the audience and to capture their attention on the product through a funny story. People remember graphics, taglines, ryming words and a story that either touched their hearts, tickled a funny bone or addressed an important and serious issue. As such, most advertisments make use of these few ways to draw viewer’s attention to their message. Repitition, contrast, creativity and intensity are some things that can affect our memory of things and selection of information. That is why, an advertisment would make use of contrasting concepts that would repeat the name of their product and its benefits in the advertisment.


Haha! That’s really hilarious! The part where the hippo jumps over him! Well, at least the ad is consistent with their other ads, it talks about how great the drink is. And yes, I agree, it is a very interesting concept.

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