{March 4, 2008}   Effects of Mass media

Mass media comes in the form of the television programmes, news updates, internet, radio channles, magazines and advertisments that reach out to the public. They are used for many different reasons. We may not realise it, but mass media is extremely influential. It is the most influential and the most important mode of recieving or sharing information. From the latest happenings around the world, to the cheapest deals in town, we get our information from the mass media. Everyone in Singapore, Australia, France, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more countries have heard of the escape of the JI leader from Singapore’s custody. Security at the borders of some of these countries have tightened because information was passed to them via mass media. Without the use of mass media, we would not be able to know what is happening around the world. From the slightest thing such as the first new year baby or the leap year baby, to big things such as terrorism and global warming, we get our information from the media. We sign up for valentines packages because the advertisments influence us to do so. We buy the latest handphone model because the media says it is the latest and has great functions. If not for the media, we would not even know the different brands or the availability of latest models. We would not know that there had been a Sars outbreak in another country and we would not get quick information of the changes made to our laws and policies.Elections would never be the same again. People would not know about the different parties involved. In bigger countries such as the US, they depend on the mass media to convey message about their own country’s progress and happenings. It would be impossible to convey messages to millions of people with efficiency if there was no mass media. Mass media is also a huuge form of entertainment. We get live telecasts of sports such as Golf and Soccer. It adds to a lifestyle of a person. Fans are born due to the availability of mass media. Rock concerts, western hip-hop lifestyles and Manchester or Liverpool supporters have become part of our lifestyle here in Singapore. Without the internet or the television for the telecast of the programmes, we would never be part of this culture. Fans gather and support their favourite teams. They talk and share their passion for a particular sport or lifestyle. They get influenced and spend money to purchase outfits to look and behave like their idols. This is all made possible through media. If we were never exposed to a different culture, we would never indulge in something different.

It was reported in The New Paper, that South Koreans would soon rely on the internet connection to their televisions for studying. This is a new educational move made to lower the cost of education and provide flexibility in learning. Many intrested companies have agreed to upgrade their internet-powered televisions to further enhance this use. In South Korea, education is expensive. Private tutors earn as much as bankers. The educational internet TV would lower the cost of education and possibly eliminate the need for tution. Students simply need to switch on their television sets in the comfort of their home and enjoy online studying. Educational programmes, games, puzzles and even online tutoring programme would be available. This is so flexible that students of any level, which means even adults wanting to upgrade themselves, may do so with this system. The cost is low and the time and mode of study is flexible. Families with more than one child may save alot more on their children’s education. However, some parents are feeling insecure with the idea of their children studying at home, in front of the television via a remote control. This programme however, does not replace normal school studies.  School going is still important but tution programmes may be replaced with this idea. The online-television programme is estimated to reach a market of more than 55million worldwide by 2011. The number of subscribers in South Korea is estimated to be about 3million by end of this year and 5 million by 2009. This article shows us how mass media such as the internet, can allow for efficient and accurate flow of information to hetrogeneous and anonymous audiences. The fact that the launch of this programme is known to people in South Korea shows us that mass media was used when advertising and making known this new programme to the audience. Sitting in Singapore, we are aware of the new updates and development in Korea because the mass media such as the newspapers allow us access to such information. In the article it says that this move is expected to be applauded by people from around the world. This can only be possible if people from around the world knows about this programme. To make it known, they would advertise it through the media and provide articles with sufficient information to persuade the audience to sign up for it. Emhasise will be give on the positive aspects of this programme. Exaggeration and biasness will be evident in the the advertisments. The main target audience would be the parents of school-going children. Rising costs of living will make the cost of this programme sound good. Parents will also be comfortable with the idea of the flexibility of the time and the reliability of the programme. Using ethos, the source will make use of credible researches and analysts to give positive comments about the use of this programme. Benefits towards the child’s development and grades will be emphasised. Lack of time to fix tutions for students due to the hectic schedules in schools will also sway parents into thinking that their children would be allowed sufficient rest and less stress if they learn through puzzles and quizzes at home any time they are free.


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