{February 19, 2008}   still going strong!

img015.jpgimg015.jpgI was heading back from school when i decided to pick up a copy of Women’s Weekly to keep me occupied throughout the journey.(its a long way back home….) An article in it

caught my attention. I was attracted to this advertisment as it was hard to miss it due to the size of the picture. There was a picture of a family of four having breakfast. They

seemed like a happy family. Naturally, i though this advertisment is about family and staying together happily or something along that line. The words influenced me to think

that way too. The headings read, “fifteen years of petty squabbles, uncountable cold wars, two active kids later…And still going strong.” The words sounded like an

advertisment that is sending out a message to all families who are having fights and problems and encouraging them to sort their differences and stay together. However,

when i read the bottom prints which were smaller in size, i realised that they were advertising the break and chip-reisitant, microwavable plates that was in the picture on the

breakfast tables. Intresting choice of words that can be misinterpreted as we form judgements based on the family picture and our knowledge on family squabbles and rising

divorce rates. The plates were made of three layers glass for extra protection from breking especiall for families which have active kids. Although the main point of the

advertisment was not evident at first, it is a creative way of looking at the quality of plates they sell. Afterall, their target audiences are the housewives who are concerned

about breakable plates especially if they have young children. The durability of the plates was clearly illustrated in the advertisment.


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