{February 3, 2008}   UNICEF uses non-verbal animations

The use of non-verbal cues in the animations created by the UNICEF to drive a message across the world is an effective method. It allows people to understand the message regardless of the language and cultural barriers. UNICEF has many focus areas ranging from problems faced by children around the world, to crisis faced by various countries. They try to spread the message of children’s rights, child labour, rights to a good education and a loving family. They raise issues on domestic violence, discrimination and good healthcare services. All these messages are put into a small video which uses no verbal form of communication to drive home the message. They hope that this method would allow maximum viewing and understanding of the issues raised. They use animated figures, often that of a child/children, caught in a situation or problem. The use of expressions and appropriate sound effects, tells us the ‘mood’ and fellings of the characters in the clip. They also use objects to represent a scene. For example, in the clip entitled “freedom from discrimination”, the use of a toy and animated music, would help us relate to a child. The toy pieces are all able to fit into the ‘ball’ if they have a suitable-shaped hole to enter through. The piece which is of a totally different shape would then not be able to fit into the ball. At this point, the cheerful background sound changes as the oddly shaped piece tries to enter into the ball but bounces right off after each attempt. This then translates into our world, where, the correctly shaped people and those who conform to the norms of our society, are able to fit in. While the rest who are different are not excepted as part of our society. The freedom from this form of discrimination comes when the ball opens up and the other pieces happily invites the odd piece in. This shows us that society have to open their doors and accept those who are different as part of our society. 

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