{February 3, 2008}   More non-verbal animations

Here are a few more clips on the use of non-verbal communications by the UNICEF to send a message to viewers from all around the world.
This second one is on the child’s rights to self expression. In this clip, we can see a child who uses his creativity in block-building, a common activity played by small kids. He makes a structure using his imagination and creative expressions. However, due to his limitations in terms of his height, he is unable to complete the upper half of his structure. He then seeks help from his parents. Not paying attention to his cues on where he would like them to place the blocks on his behalf, they created a square block for him instead. Clearly displeased with the outcome, the child hangs his head in sadness. This is a common issue between a child and an adult. As an adult, one must understand that even a baby is entitled to his/her freedom of expressions. In the midst of helping a child or guiding them, we must not conform them to our way of doing things. Being a part-time pre-school teacher, this point is an important aspect that i think adults tend to overlook. Every child is different and every human being is different. We can teach a child the right thing but we must not restrict a child to one form of doing things. A child learns through his/her own creative skills and we should applaud and encourage these skills to further enhance their learning. In this clip, the parents created a big square block. This represents a ‘square mindset’ which does not encourage creativity. A child is full of imagination. ‘Thinking out of the box’, is a common topic teachers talk about in schools. If we look at a child, we will realise that every child is thinking out of the box. However, the lack of encouragement, restricts their creativity. That is why as we grow older, we find it harder to be creative and easier to conform. I think parents should asisst a child but allow the child to practice his own judgments and thoughts and not take everything in their hands, especially during play-time.

jesmund7 says:

Wow. This clip is really interesting. The body language of the characters tells the whole story. It definitely got the message across without any language barriers.

jesmelz says:

Yeah, i agreed! Every child has his own potential and parents should always encourage their children to explore further. Nice video! :]

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