{January 29, 2008}   non-verbal communication


Hey guys check out this video on youtube. Its about how important non-verbal communication is in helping us understand others and relate to their thoughts and feelings. I also read an article in the Reader’s Digest about the importance of facial expressions in the development of a child. Especially in the form of a smile from their mothers.
It says that experts on child development believes that a mother and baby exchange of smiles in a rythmic and synchronised way, is important in the development of attachment and intelligence of the child. If we can’t use facial expressions, we are actually very limited in our ability to pass on information to others. There are two pictures from the article entitled ‘The power of a smile’. I think we pick up more on the non-verbal cues such as body language and expressions when we communicate to others but we often do not realise that. It would definitely be very hard to understand emotions and thoughts of the other person without face-face communication. Expression tells us more than words do. They tell us the understanding of the other person, lies that the person is telling, emotions and sometimes body language helps us gague when we should pause, reinforce our point or change our tone. This then will help us achieve effective communication..haha I never thought we rely so much on non-verbal communication.

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